Duoning Bio officially launched 5-liter cell culture bottle

08. 23, 2019

Duoning Bio officially launched 5-liter cell culture bottle. It is different from the existing PETG Series in appearance and material.

Duoning cell culture bottle is made of unique functional design and excellent and rigorous production process. At the same time, the excellent production process and strict production process can ensure the smooth body of the bottle and reduce the risk of the culture liquid foaming.

Duoning cell culture bottle has many uses. It can be used to culture mammalian cells (such as CHO cells and 293 cells) to produce recombinant DNA and protein. Its unique and excellent product design can greatly improve the oxygen transfer ability of the flask, thus providing better growth conditions for cells.

Duoning Bio officially launched 5-liter cell culture bottle

Product characteristic:

● The bottle mouth of Duoning cell culture bottle is equipped with a 0.2 μ m ventilating cap, which can better mix the cells and the culture medium, and increase the air permeability, so as to improve the oxygen transfer capacity of the culture bottle, so that the cells can grow to a higher density.

● Has smaller bottle bottom area and larger cell culture space, so that more culture bottles can be placed in the same incubator, effectively improving the space utilization rate of incubator.

● Adopts one-time injection molding technology, the bottle body is smooth, reducing the risk of cell adhesion and culture fluid foaming.

● Can be used together with our company's shaker and bioreactor to improve production efficiency and reduce pollution risk.

● Sterilized by irradiation, and it is easy to take and use in aseptic and independent packaging.

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