Duoning Biotechnology merged with Jinke filter, adding new tiles to its domestic platform

01. 11, 2021

Shanghai -- on November 2nd, 2020, Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the main supplier of serum-free culture medium, disposable products and bioreactor in domestic biomedical industry, announced the acquisition of Shanghai Jinke Filter Equipment Co., Ltd., adding new tiles to the localization platform of biological consumables that duoning is committed to building.

Jinke filtration was approved by the State Administration of medicine in 1990. With the approval of the State Planning Commission, it has introduced a full set of world advanced microporous membrane filter manufacturing technology, production equipment and quality testing instruments from Gelman Sciences Inc. The company's products are widely used in many industrial fields, such as biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, microelectronics, energy and chemical industry. It has an industrial chain of filtration separation from upstream R & D to downstream large-scale production, filtration system design, verification test and analysis.

Wang Meng, chairman of duoning bio, said that the filtration system is one of the indispensable process links in the biopharmaceutical process, and its localization is of great significance. Jinke filtration, as a professional filtration system solution provider, has a solid technical foundation and strong development potential. Its "Jimei" brand filter element is the first Chinese brand of microporous membrane folded filter element. As a witness and practitioner of China's national industrial development, Jinke filtration has ended the long history of relying on imports in the production process of biopharmaceutical field. Through the acquisition of Jinke filter, Duoning Biotechnology has a greater space for independent innovation, which can further improve the quality of domestic products and make the biopharmaceutical localization platform that Duoning is committed to build more full.

Since 2019, Duoning Biotechnology has been vigorously expanding its business field, extending in the upstream and downstream supply fields of biopharmaceuticals. In April 2019, Huiqiao capital and Yaoming biology jointly invested nearly 100 million yuan in duoning biology, and duoning biology completed a + round of financing, thus obtaining the ability to further integrate the industry. In September 2019, Duoning Biotechnology acquired Guangzhou Qizhi biological, and formally expanded into the bioreactor field from the original platform of localization of serum-free cell culture medium and new disposable consumables, with the synergy between different business units continuously expanding. In June 2020, Duoning Biotechnology acquired Shanghai Lianghei technology, making it a disposable product business unit of Duoning Biotechnology. The acquisition of Jinke filter marks the rapid development of Duoning Biotechnology, and formally extends the product layout to the downstream process of biopharmaceutical.

The addition of Jinke filter has enhanced the confidence of Duoning Biotechnology to realize the localization of biopharmaceuticals. In the future, we will increase the innovation and R & D of core products, constantly enrich the product line, strive to achieve a complete closed loop of the product line, and become a comprehensive service provider providing complete solutions for China's local biomedical field as soon as possible.

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