Qizhi Bio has formally incorporated into the domestic platform of Duoning Biotech

09. 29, 2019

On September 29, 2019, Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a domestic manufacturer of serum-free mediums and disposable products for antibody drugs, announced the completion of the acquisition of Guangzhou Qizhi Bioengineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (Qizhi Bio), and Qizhi Bio will be a bioreactor business unit under the domestic platform of Duoning Biotech.

Established in 2008, Qizhi Bio has grown into a domestic integrated bioreactor supplier with R&D, production, sales, and technology services after 11 years of unremitting exploration and market test. Owning a large number of independent intellectual property rights Qizhi Bio can compete with similar imported brands, and are committed to supplying domestic and foreign customers with cell bioreactors and their complete sets, while providing technology services for large-scale culture of animal cells with cell bioreactors in production of vaccines and antibodies and other products. At present, the main products include cell bioreactors for laboratory, cell bioreactors for pilot test and production, microbial fermenters for laboratory, and microbial fermenters for pilot test and production, and the products and service quality rank top among similar products in China.

The integration of Qizhi’s core team of founders and business with Duoning Biotech has been another major milestone for Duoning Biotech after its completion of Round A+ financing in May. Since then, Duoning Biotech has formally expanded from the original domestic platform of serum-free cell culture medium and new disposable consumables into the bioreactor field and continuous expansion of coordination between different business units can be expected.

WANG Meng, chairman of Duoning Biotech, said the vision of Duoning Biotech was to build a domestic platform that ran through the biomedical industry to provide a package solution for biomedical customers. The addition of Qizhi team enables Duoning Biotech to basically complete the integration of upstream product lines and to broaden the business boundaries of the platform, while enhancing the confidence of Duoning team to achieve the company's vision. Duoning Biotech will continue to enhance its own local R&D strength, hone its ability of industrial integration, and promote the long-term and healthy development of the domestic biomedical industry by providing domestic raw materials and equipment with high quality and reasonable price.

Company Introduction of Duoning Biotech

Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereafter as Duoning Biotech) is the main supplier in the field of serum-free mediums, disposable products and bioreactors in domestic biomedical industry and is dedicated to the development of high-quality, high-efficiency, serum-free, personalized, chemical-limited cell mediums and animal cell culture process and to the R&D and production of disposable products and bioreactors for biopharmaceutical process, while providing formulation production, process optimization, process validation, technical support and supporting services for the biopharmaceutical industry. For more details, please visit www.duoningbio.com.

Company Introduction of Qizhi Bio

Established in June 2008, Guangzhou Qizhi Bioengineering Equipment Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 32 million RMB currently has more than 12,000 square meters of new standard plant and process laboratory. The company is dedicated to the R&D, design and production of cell bioreactors and their complete sets with independent intellectual property rights, and provides customers with technology services for large-scale culture of animal cells with cell bioreactors in production of vaccines and antibodies and other products. As a technological innovation enterprise, the company has successively obtained the Scientific and Technological Innovation Fund Projects in Guangdong Province, the Regional Demonstration of Marine Economic Innovation and Development Special Achievements Transformation and Industrialization Projects by National Oceanic Administration, National 863 Science and Technology Projects and other scientific and technological projects. For more details, please visit www.cells.net.cn/.

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