The 15th anniversary of the Duoning Biotechnology

06. 08, 2020

Fifteen years is a long time, and when I look back,

Fifteen years is a short time, but the horizon is long,

In 2020, Duoning will be in the fifteenth year.

Over the past 15 years, the customer who accompanies you has become a friend.

For 15 years, the company has become family.

For 15 years, Duoning has been focused on delivering packaged solutions to bio-medical customers,

With the goal of building a biological localization platform,

Reduce cost and create value for customers.

From 2005 to 2020,

From the beginning till now,

Fifteen years under foot,

Through the wind and rain,

Hand in hand for fifteen glorious years.

Thanksgiving time,

Let the Duoning accumulate over time,

Precipitate out today's intoxicating appearance.


Elaborate activity

In each carefully prepared activity, we are moved again and again, which binds us together here. When we meet here, we are one family.


Team building in Duoning

We don't just want to "have a good time" in every group building. The purpose should be to guide everyone to have a positive attitude, relax the tight mood on working days, and make more like-minded friends.


Quarterly meeting

Each meeting is not just about "quarterly summary", but more about breaking through ourselves, breaking through ourselves in each quarter, meeting difficulties and forging ahead to create brilliant future.


Wang Meng, chairman of Duoning Biology, said to the 15th anniversary: "thousands of miles away, don't forget the original intention. Time series change, dream ahead! After 15 years of development, Duoning Biology has grown into a major supplier of serum-free culture medium, disposable products and bioreactor in the domestic biomedical industry, providing a package of upstream solutions for biomedical customers. In the long way to come, Duoning Biology will gradually start to integrate and merge the downstream supply chain of biopharmaceuticals, striving to become a comprehensive service provider providing complete solutions in the field of domestic biopharmaceuticals. "

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