The experiment case||What can a Duoning Purilad multichannel protein purifier do

05. 28, 2020

Application: high-throughput screening filler, detection of different affinity chromatography fillers (8 kinds) for a protein process optimization;

This is another important application case after the screening of stable cell lines and the preparation of a large number of protein samples.

Instrument highlights: high throughput, automation, UV detector, humanized control software, customized sample collection tube rack.

Equipment and consumables

Uv version of Duoning Purilad multichannel protein purification apparatus, lab-type chromatography column (16mm * 20cm), affinity chromatography packing, buffer, deionized water, 20% ethanol; 

Test method for 

With the advantage of Purilad's eight channels, eight tomographic columns were pre-filled with eight different fillers to be tested. Doning has customized different pipe racks for tomographic columns of different specifications for easy operation and observation (figure 1). The same sample to be purified was used the same method, and the same experimental conditions were set on the instrument interface: pretreatment, sample loading, elution and column regeneration. The whole process is automatically run by the instrument to complete, and the operation interface is humanized. You only need to use the tablet computer to drag and drop the required steps (figure 2), and no person is needed to accompany you during the operation. The column was automatically balanced by the instrument, and the sample was automatically loaded and eluted. After that, the column was regenerated with 20% ethanol solution by the instrument. The entire purification process was recorded by the UV detector. 

Results and analysis

Purilad monitor system control software of the purification process, using the software comes with UV spectrum observation samples the elution peak time, thereby understand the affinity of samples with different packing for the same efficiency, improve the efficiency of filtering, get the effect of the optimal affinity chromatography packing, finally from custom-made sample collection target proteins (figure 3), and verified the next step work.

PIC. 1


PIC. 2


PIC. 3

The high throughput design of parallel purification of 8 samples is adopted in the biological Purilad protein purification system, which is convenient, fast and cost-saving. It is an ideal tool for the research of pharmacology and protein platform. Purilad can process up to 8 samples at a time, up to 48 samples at a time. The system includes infusion pumps, collectors, column supports, and robotic arms. Eight independent valveless metering pumps are included, with a flow rate range of 0.1-30ml/min, which can be extended to 0.5-60ml/min when large volume injection pumps are selected.

The equipment software system is convenient and fast, can customize the purification scheme, can be easily and quickly managed, the software provides real-time purification status information, after the purification, the software can also help to analyze and share the results.

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