• Company and product introduction of subsidiaries of Duoning Biotech

Company and product introduction of subsidiaries of Duoning Biotech

Product Description

  •  Shanghai LePure Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai LePure Biological Technology Co., Ltd., founded by Duoning Biotech in 2011, is engaged in the R&D, production and marketing of new disposable products and testing equipment in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

LePure mainly produces disposable liquid storage bags and related biopharmaceutical equipment. The disposable liquid storage bag use a five-layer co-extruded film with the thickness of 0.325mm, which is suitable for 2D liquid storage bag, 3D liquid storage bag, mixing bag, bioreactor bag, weighing bag, feeding bag, etc. Good physical strength, chemical compatibility and biocompatibility meet the storage and transport needs of various solutions in biopharmaceutical processes. These also can be equipped with a complete set of transport tools, such as round plastic buckets, plastic folding square boxes, plastic trays, material transfer vehicles, feeding vehicles, freeze-thaw shells and so on.

LePure has a professional R&D team to develop a variety of equipment, such as aseptic sealer, aseptic welder, and disposable magnetic-driven mixing system. Now disposable magnetic-driven mixing system is highly praised by customers, which is a modular system with rigid support system, drive system, weighing system, control system, data output system and sensors, etc. So customers can choose according to their needs. The mixing device is widely used in medium configuration, buffer configuration, purification intermediate mixing treatment and semi-finished product preparation.

Aseptic sealer machine is compatible with all common specifications TPE tubing, and is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum housing for use in clean areas. Aseptic sealer machine is mainly used for pre-sterilization of sterilization filter and tubing kit, aseptic disconnection of feeding bag TPE tubing, aseptic disconnection of sampling bag TPE tubing, raw liquid storage or aseptic disconnection of transfer bag TPE tubing. Aseptic welder is used to aseptically weld two thermoplastic tubing into one, and it can weld 3/4 inch thermoplastic tubing. At present, a new aseptic welder that can weld with liquid has been marketed.

For more details, please visit LePure’s official website: http://www.lepurechina.com/

  • Shanghai Biopro Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Biopro Industrial Development Co., Ltd. owned by Duoning Biotech has been a first-class agent in China for Cole-Parker Instruments (United States) since 2006. Biopro is a professional distributor of peristaltic pumps, hoses, pump pipes, and biofusion pipes with a large stock of pumps/pipes.

The agent products are as follows:

  • Cole-Parmer (USA): Masterflex peristaltic pumps, pump pipes, ultrasonic cell crushers, and bottle washing machine

  • Saint-Gobain (France): Tygon, C-Flex, Norprene, Pharmed, and Sani-Tech pipes

  • Ismatec (USA): peristaltic pumps and pump pipes

  • Newage/Advantapure (USA): platinum silicone pipes

  • Gast (USA): vacuum pumps and pneumatic motors

  • Horiba (Japan): LAQUA water quality analyzers

  • Cannon (USA): viscometers

  • Labconco (USA): bottle washing machines, freeze-dryers, and biosafety cabinets

  • Burrell (USA): wrist-type oscillators

  • Tyler (USA): Tyler screens, oscillating screens, and screening machines

  • Bibby/Techne (UK): sand bath

  • IPC (USA): P-80 rubber lubricant and Micro-90 lotion

For more details, please visit Biopro’s official website: http://www.bioprosy.com/

  • Guangzhou Qizhi Bioengineering Equipment Co., Ltd. 

Established in June 2008, Guangzhou Qizhi Bioengineering Equipment Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 32 million RMB currently has more than 12,000 square meters of new standard plant and process laboratory. The company is dedicated to the R&D, design and production of cell bioreactors and their complete sets with independent intellectual property rights, and provides customers with technology services for large-scale culture of animal cells with cell bioreactors in production of vaccines and antibodies and other products. As a technological innovation enterprise, the company has successively obtained the Scientific and Technological Innovation Fund Projects in Guangdong Province, the Regional Demonstration of Marine Economic Innovation and Development Special Achievements Transformation and Industrialization Projects by National Oceanic Administration, National 863 Science and Technology Projects and other scientific and technological projects. For more details, please visit : www.cells.net.cn/.

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