• Disposable Vacuum Filters

Disposable Vacuum Filters

Product Description

Vacuum filters are disposable filter consumables instead of solvent filters, which adopt aseptic independent package and welded filter membrane of corresponding specifications, avoiding cleaning and disinfection and saving a lot of labor. Vacuum filters are made of PS material and matched with diaphragm vacuum pump to filter samples of large volume. The filtered samples can be directly collected into collection bottles and be directly stored after sealing with cap.

User Manual

  • Cell inoculums and other aqueous solutions;

  • Filtering solutions that cannot be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure;

  • Ideal choice for filtration of tissue inoculums, biological fluids, and antibodies, etc.;

Product Features

  • Low center of gravity design for more stability

  • Oversized filtration area for faster filtration speed

  • Depressed design on flask body for easy grasping and thus easy unscrewing or tightening

  • Wide flask neck design for easy pouring of solution

  • Scale on flask body for convenient reading

  • Unique interface design for connection with various hoses

  • Independent package design with easy peelable opening

  • Batch number on each product for easy identification and tracking

  • Gamma-ray sterilization for more thorough sterilization

  • No DNAse, no RNAse, and no pyrogen

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