• Full-automatic CO2 Thermostatic Shaker

Full-automatic CO2 Thermostatic Shaker

Product Description

Duoning full-automatic CO2 thermostatic shaker is a thermostatic oscillator with refrigeration and combination for single use or combination use (only requiring floor area of one device for combination use). Its three-axis eccentric balance core is stable and reliable and has long service life. Its speed control system equips with speed terminal feedback system to maintain high-precision oscillation of device. The combination and innovation of PID control technology and fuzzy control technology realize high-precision control in temperature range. The frequency conversion compression mechanism for refrigeration has high efficiency and low energy consumption. The whole device adopts mute design with noise of only 53dB. Its independent modular control can stop any control module, and the combination can form a carbon dioxide incubator for static culture or an ordinary shaker or a biochemical incubator, etc. The device can run continuously or regularly for up to 999 hours. It can be run through 12 sections of programming to achieve the same sample under different environmental conditions and different running times to automatically create the desired environment. Push-pull type guide rail tray structure or roll-out type tray structure that is easy to take out and place samples is available for choice. The device has a cavity of large volume and can be placed up to 15x 3L conical flasks. Its 10-inch color touch screen brings a different feeling of easy operation. With optional advanced Wifi monitoring system, multiple mobile phones can be used to monitor the same device through remote wireless at the same time for timely access of no air intake and other alarm information to quickly deal with emergency and protect cultured cells and so on. The device can meet the needs of customers in various R&D fields such as mammalian cell culture, microorganism culture, fermenting organism culture and plant & bacteria culture.

Product Features

  • Safety: mobile phone application monitoring equipment; quick processing of emergency situations and protection of cultured cells;

  • Traceability: available operation data within the last 7 days on the display screen, and available operation data more than 2 years through USB flash disk;

  • Precision: precise control of temperature (adopting frequency conversion technology to ensure stable temperature in different environments), humidity, CO2 concentration, and speed;

  • Stability: slow starting and stopping speed to prevent damage to bacteria or cells caused by excessive shear force at starting and stopping. Magnetic drive thermostatic oscillator that has no belt drive, no effect of belt break and stretch on rotational speed, no damage to cell culture due to speed instability, low noise, high efficiency, no maintenance, long service life, and less heat;

  • Humanization: modular operation interface for easy operation; mute design; large screen; password lock screen; automatic humidification; automatic defrosting; program control up to 12 sections; UV sterilization

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