• Maxfeed 403A1

Maxfeed 403A1

Product Description

Maxfeed 403A1 is a high-efficiency feeding medium that is animal-derived-component-free (ADCF), protein-free and chemical-limited (CD), which is suitable for fed-batch culture in the process of developing and producing therapeutic protein products using Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. This product does not contain growth factor, hypoxanthine, thymine and L-glutamine and is suitable for the culture of CHO-K1, CHO-S, DG44, CHOZN and other cell lines using GS and dhfr screening systems.

Maxfeed  403A1 should be used in conjunction with Maxfeed 403B1 liquid at the same time.

User Manual

Maxfeed  403A1 is a high-efficiency feeding formula designed to improve the growth and production performance of CHO cells, which is rich in nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins, and can meet the nutritional needs of cell culture in high density and high expression of products. Combining with characteristics of cell lines, reasonable feeding strategy can significantly improve cell growth and antibody expression performance.

  • Maxfeed  403A1 medium: neutral pH and no glucose, it can be adjusted during preparation according to the actual process, and the recommended value is 75g/L;

    Maxfeed  403B1 medium: alkaline pH and no glucose.

  • It is recommended to carry out the first feeding at the middle and late phases of cell exponential growth, which usually starts at a cell density of more than 2.0-3.0×106 cells/mL at Day 3. The recommended feeding proposal is described below and the optimized ratio can be customized according to the cell line used:

Feeding Time

DN feed 1+ DN feed B

Day 3


Day 5


Day 7


Day 9


Day 11


Day 13


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