• Maxpro™ 303

Maxpro™ 303

Product Description

MaxproTM303 medium is a basic medium that is animal-derived-component-free (ADCF), protein-free and chemical-limited, which is suitable for batch culture, fed-batch culture and perfusion culture in the process of developing and producing therapeutic protein products using Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. MaxproTM303 medium contains no L-glutamine and a small amount of hypoxanthine and thymine, which is suitable for culture of CHOK1, CHOK1SV, CHOS and other cell lines using GS screening system.

User Manual

MaxproTM303 medium is designed to improve the growth and production performance of CHO cells. After cell thawing, it is recommended that MaxproTM201 or customer-defined medium is used as seed medium for passage amplification with inoculation density of 0.3-0.8×106 cells/mL; in the Generation N-1, MaxproTM303 is used as basic medium for continuous amplification to the desired seed volume; in the Generation N, MaxproTM303 is used as basic medium for fed-batch culture with inoculation density controlled at 0.5-2.0×106 cells/mL. It is recommended to combine with MaxfeedTM403A1 in the feeding process.

  • This product does not contain insulin, and if insulin is added, a concentration of 0.5-10mg/L is recommended;

  • Hypoxanthine and thymine can be added as needed for cell culture using GS screening system

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