Product Description

Media C  is a basic medium that is animal-derived-component-free (ADCF), serum-free and chemical-limited, which is suitable for batch culture, fed-batch culture and perfusion culture in the process of developing and producing therapeutic protein products using Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells. Media C does not contain growth factor, hypoxanthine, thymine and L-glutamine, which is suitable for culture of CHO-K1, CHO-S, DG44 and other cell lines using GS and dhfr screening systems.

User Manual

Media C is designed to improve the growth and production performance of CHO cells.

This product contains no anti-agglomeration agents, if there is an agglomeration, it is recommended to add 0.1~1.0g/L dextran sulfate or 1× Anti-Clumping Agent (GIBCO Article No. 0010057DG).

2.22g/L sodium bicarbonate and 1.80g/L P188 can be added for powder package 

If insulin is added, a concentration of 0.5-10mg/L is recommended

Hypoxanthine and thymine can be added as needed for cell culture using GS screening system

2~8mM L-glutamine can be added as needed for cell culture using dhfr screening system

Product Catalogue

NameArticle No.PackageSpecification
Media CM028-001Liquid1L
Media C M028-001Powder100g

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