• Purilad High-throughput Protein Purifier

Purilad High-throughput Protein Purifier

Product Description

Technical Parameters

  • Simultaneous sample size: 6-8

  • Multicomponent collection quantity: max 96; (max 48 for 15 mL and 50 mL)

  • Collector type: 96-well plates, 1.5mL EP tubes, 15mL centrifuge tubes, and 50mL centrifuge tubes

  • Supporting column type: 1mL, 5mL, and 10mL

  • Surface touch screen for operation

  • Quantity of solvents: 6

  • A separate channel can be opened without affecting the operation of the remaining channels

  • Monitoring of sample injection process by sensor

  • Chromatographic steps are the most labor-intensive and time-consuming steps in the whole purification process

  • Meanwhile, as the first part of purification, the realization of high throughput starts with chromatography

Scope of Application

  • Covering affinity chromatography applications such as Protein A, G and L, GST, Ni columns and so on

  • Screening process of cell lines with stable passage (sample injection size of more than tens of milliliters)

  • Sample preparation of HEK293 and Baculovirus expression system

  • Sample preparation of extensive bioreagents required for early functional assay

  • Sample preparation of HTS and HCS, etc. with high throughput requirements and large amount of protein

Optional Accessories

Article No.

Product Description and   Specifications




Single wavelength detector,   including 8 detection units

Wavelength range: 280nm

Wavelength accuracy: ± 3nm




Rack for 2mL sample tubes




Rack for 50mL centrifuge   tubes



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