• Ultrafiltration Centrifuge Tubes

Ultrafiltration Centrifuge Tubes

Product Description

Ultrafiltration centrifuge tubes are disposable consumables containing ultrafiltration membrane for concentrating and purifying biological samples. 15mL ultrafiltration centrifuge tubes can deal with samples of volume up to 20mL, have rapid ultrafiltration function, and can achieve high concentration coefficient, which is easy to recover concentrate from diluent and complex sample combination. The vertical design and double-sided oversized filtration area provide rapid sample processing and high sample recovery rate (usually more than 90% of diluent initial solution), as well as 80-fold concentration. Typical processing time is 15-40 minutes. The vertical design can minimize the solute polarization and the subsequent deposit of filter membrane, and the physical filtration stop point in filter can prevent the excessive rotation of filter from drying samples and causing sample loss. Concentrate is collected from the sample tank of filter with pipette, while ultrafiltrate is collected into the provided centrifuge tubes. The filter can be rotated in pendulum barrel or constant angle rotor.

User Manual: 

  • Concentrating biological samples containing antigens, antibodies, enzymes, nucleic acids (single or double strain DNA/RNA samples), microorganisms, washouts, and purified samples;

  • Purifying macromolecular components from tissue medium extracts and cytolysate, removing primers, junctions or molecular markers from reaction mixture, and removing proteins before carrying out HPLC;

  • Desalting, and replacing buffer or percolate

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